Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.4

This 40 page issue contains:

  • Legend of Brimstone
  • Entering the Mines
  • Level Names and Dweomers
  • Hexploration Rules
  • Hex Generation Tables
  • Mine Hazards
  • Demon Shrines
  • Hex Map and Hexploration Sheets
  • Faction Encounter List, Levels 1-3
  • Equipment Prices
  • Familiars of the Dark Territories by Anne Hunter
  • Varmints!
    • Ore Hound, Pack Goat, and Canary Lizard
    • Old Mac and Clara, his Demon Chicken

You also get an expanded Hexploration Sheet as a separate PDF.



Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.3

This 36 page issue contains:

  • Fumbles in Black Powder, Black Magic
  • Kung Fu Monk
  • Spellburning with Demon Ore
  • Strange Loot
  • The Red Duke
  • It’s Explosive: Black Powder
  • Varmints! The Malcupine by Daniel Bishop
  • Varmints! Black Tommy by Noah Stevens
  • Magic Item: Indigo Signalman’s Lantern by Noah Stevens