About Us

Stormlord Publishing is a creative effort between Carl Bussler and Eric Hoffman. We strive to create memorable adventures and useful supplements for the Dungeon Crawl Classics roleplaying game.

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Carl Bussler

carlb&wprofileBorn the same year that Dungeons and Dragons was launched by TSR, Inc., it was destiny that Carl would become an avid gamer. He cut his teeth on D&D in 1986 and hasn’t looked back.

He was host and producer of the ENnie award nominated gaming podcast Flagons & Dragons. In addition to gaming, Carl enjoys photography and vintage cameras, such as his Kodak Signet 80, Nikon FM, Canon AE, Canon QL17, and Kodak Autographic Junior. His favorite subjects to photograph are his wife (Chris) and his son (Lucas).

He wrote and published a Pathfinder adventure titled The Tribute.


Eric Hoffman

Eric-HoffmanEric was introduced to gaming by his father in the form of Avalon Hill board games such as Tactics II and Waterloo.  A Christmas present of the Moldvay boxed set of Dungeons and Dragons when he was 8 started a lifelong interest in roleplaying games and game design.

Between school, work, family and other hobbies, Eric has stayed involved with Roleplaying games for over 30 years.

Eric hosts an old school gaming and mapping blog, The Castellan’s Corner, and participates in several regular, and irregular, roleplaying games of various systems on Google+.  He also enjoys playtesting board and roleplaying games.