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Black Powder, Black Magic Unleashed

Last week we began selling Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.1 with an early adopter price of only $5 for the print/pdf combo, and slowly raised the price to it’s regular $8 by the weekend. In only 3 days, we sold the entire first print run of 100 copies, and are now printing a second run to handle the backorders. The .pdf shot to #5 on RPGNow’s Hottest Titles and #2 on the Hottest Small Publisher’s Titles.

Eric Hoffman and I are overwhelmed with by the enthusiastic response to the debut issue of this zine of six-guns and sorcery. Many thanks to those who purchased it and sang of its worth.

With success must come acknowledgments, and we are thrilled to have Todd McGowan illustrating and Jim White editing. As much as I’d like to keep them both locked in a freight car for our own use, it would be a disservice to the community. Todd and Jim and excellent to work with and get results. If you really want to redline the Awesome Meter for your project, contact these guys. Both are active on Google+, but links to their websites are below:

Todd McGowan:

Jim White:

So what’s next?

Much of the content of Vol.2 is written, and the illustrations are already underway. With Vol.2, we’ll introduce patrons, spells, character classes, monsters, and more, so the level-o characters that survived The Devil’s Cauldron funnel in Vol.1 aren’t sitting around with nothing to do.


The first two volumes will comprise the framework, and then with Vol.3 we’ll open the doors to submissions from the Dungeon Crawl Classics community. We hope you’ll contribute to the growth of Brimstone, the denizens of the Dark Territories, and the folklore of the Wicked West. Who will inhabit the bustling mining town of Brimstone? What adventures await in the deep mines and ancient ruins beneath it? You will help us tell these tales, and we’ve setup a form on this site to accept your proposals. We’re still working on the guidelines, and until you’ve seen Vol.2 you may not know the format, but if you want to start the conversation, feel free to send over an inquiry.

Spread the word far and wide. Share your thoughts and reviews on this site, or Through your feedback, we will continue to improve and offer the things you find most interesting.

Hold on to your hats folks. This is going to be a wild ride!

Carl Bussler

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