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NTRPGCon – The House of Bats

The Hook

Deep in the swamps of central Mexico lies a sinking temple, built centuries ago by the Maya. Rumors of gold and forbidden knowledge abound, as do legends of tireless and unforgiving guardians.

Whether down on your luck or on the run from the law, you might find a new start (or grisly end) in The House of Bats.

Pre-Generated Characters

You can choose from among these options:

  • Chief Falling Mountain (Fighter)
  • Jessie Rae McCoy (Thief)
  • Sancho Dominguez (Gambler)
  • Dorothy and her little dog Tico (Wizard)
  • “Two-Barrel” Ted (Fighter)
  • Sgt. Barnes (Fighter)
  • Ela Moonfeather (Cleric)


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Pumpkinhead – A monster for DCCRPG


Standing roughly 4-feet tall and topped with a glowing, grinning jack-o-lantern, these animated plants act as guardians and assassins for vile wizards. They can lie in wait and appear as common pumpkins, but can spring forth and use their many vines to overpower and strangle their victims.

Pumpkinhead: Init +2; Atk tentacle +0 melee (1); AC12; HD 2d6; MV 20’ or climb 40’; Act 6d20; SP grasp, possession; SV Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +5; AL C.

For each vine that scores a hit, the character receives 1 point of damage. Then, both the character and pumpkinhead make opposed Strength rolls. For this roll, the pumpkinhead gets 1d6 for each vine that hits. If the character wins, he breaks free of the pumpkinhead’s grasp. If the character loses, the pumpkinhead removes its glowing head and jams it onto the character’s head. The character gains hit points equal to those of the pumpkinhead at the time of possession.

Thereafter, until the pumpkin is destroyed, the character is under the judge’s control and will make life miserable for any remaining player characters. The jack-o-lantern can be destroyed with a successful Precision Shot from a warrior’s mighty deed, or by causing damage to the character equal to whatever hit points the pumpkinhead had before possession.

If a character dies from being struck by the pumpkinhead’s vine, the pumpkinhead with go through with the possession, transferring its life-force to the character. Give the character whatever hit points the pumpkinhead had at the time of possession. If the pumpkin is later destroyed, the character falls dead and a normal roll to recover the body can be made at an appropriate time.

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Camazotz the Death Bat – A patron for Dungeon Crawl Classics

Camazotz, the bat god of death, fear, and blood was shackled in the House of Bats in the Underworld, and in the centuries since, evidence of his existence has almost entirely disappeared.

The statues and frescoes recovered through exploration depict Camazotz as a large man with a vampire bat’s head and bat wings. He wields a jagged dagger in one hand, and the severed head of a person in the other.

He survives on blood, thrives on fear, and demands his followers to supply him with both. These offerings slowly revive Camazotz’ strength, and he waits patiently for his chance to escape and take revenge on the world.

Download the free PDF of Camazotz the Death Bat, a DCCRPG patron

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The Brimstone Census and Fire Insurance Atlas

Here is a little sample of a future project in the Black Powder, Black Magic line; The Brimstone Census and Fire Insurance Atlas.  In this project we will explore the town of Brimstone and many of its fascinating inhabitants.  Each volume will include descriptions of various neighborhoods, buildings and businesses within Brimstone.  Filled with adventure hooks, interesting NPCs and some small adventure locales; each installment will help Judges and Players to bring the capital of the Dark Territories to life!

Today we meet Eugene Sitko of Sitko Surveying, located in The Prospects section of Brimstone.  Eugene is being a very bad boy and has entered into some unscrupulous dealings with an even badder boy…

The Louise Blaylock Mine

P08:  Sitko Surveying

Eugene Sitko is the owner and sole proprietor of Sitko Surveying, which provides general land assessment services to those that require it in the Dark Territory.  Only the big mining concerns have any real need of survey maps, however, and they typically employ their own engineers for the job.  The hardscrabble miners out in the hills rarely bother as there is no law to speak of to enforce any such official claims.  As a result, Eugene Sitko has also secured a grant to run an assay office as well.  Unfortunately for Eugene, ends are still not meeting and he has had to take drastic measures to avoid bankruptcy.  Sitko has been selling deeds to abandoned mines and claims in the Dark Territories that he swears still have viable Demon Ore.  Some actually do have some tailings left and may even have some real veins still left.  Sitko’s plan, however, is more sinister than just selling black market deeds.  A few days after new owners take up the claim, Sitko employs a band of ruffians, including a deranged cultist named Svoboda, to bushwack the miners.  Sitko gets the deed back as well as a 50% cut of any valuables.  He doesn’t want to know what Svoboda does with the bodies…or whether they are still alive when he does it.

LeMat Revolver US Patent 15925
LeMat Revolver US Patent 15925

Svoboda:  Init +0; Atk LeMat revolver +2 missile (1d10 or 1d12) or hex (Will save; see below) or spell; AC 11; HD 3d6 (16); MV 30’, 60′ (horse); Act 1d20; SP spellcasting (+4 spell check), hex; SV Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +6; AL C.

Svoboda has a heavy slavic brow, dark and deep-set eyes and a slightly hunched back.  He often wears a short, European-style cavalry cape and battered shako.  

Svoboda is a cultist who is actively seeking out a demonic patron.  He has attuned himself through ritual to be able to ‘sniff out’ demon shrines.  He automatically knows if a new shrine is unearthed within 5 miles of his current location.

He carries a LeMat revolver, which is a 9-shot heavy revolver with a 20-gauge shotgun shell that is able to be fired through the central cylinder.  The shotgun shell has the normal knock-down properties of all shotguns.

Svoboda can throw a hex on an individual as an action.  The hex causes the victim to become clumsy and slow unless a Willpower Save DC 14 is passed.  The victim loses half of his current actions.  If the victim only has one action per round then he may only act every other round.  In addition the hex causes the loss of 1d7 Luck.  The hex is ended if Svoboda is killed within 24 hours of a successful casting.  If it is not removed within 24 hours the hex is permanent until it can be cured by some other extraordinary means (Quest for it!).

Svoboda also knows the spells detect magic and darkness, which he may cast at a +4 spell check.

Svoboda’s Ruffians:  Init +1; Atk light pistol +2 missile (1d8); AC 12; HD 1d6(4); MV 30’, 60’ (horse); Act 1d20; SV Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +0; AL N.