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Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.2


The wait is over, and Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.2 is born, and only 100 print copies are available through this site, with another 100 copies to be distributed through conventions.

In addition to changes to existing classes from the DCCRPG, we introduce the Gambler and the Prospector. Also, you’ll find a complete writeup for John Henry, the current guise of the powerful wizard Solomon Gui. Gui made bargains with the shadowy powers of pre-history to gain his immortality, but now feeds on the pain and hardship of others.

The night John Henry is born an ax
of lightning splits the sky,
and a hammer of thunder pounds the earth,
and the eagles and panthers cry!
– Melvin B. Tolson

We introduce Folklore, which is something that will accompany all new monsters in the Dark Territories. To get things started, we give you the Minewight.

Volume 3 is already in the works, and we have the new patron Johnny Appleseed, the Alchemist class, and a contribution from Daniel J. Bishop for the Varmints! section. I’m also working on a side-view map of Brimstone and the many levels of mines, caverns, tombs, and lost civilizations beneath the bustling town. This map will also show where the various types of demon ore is waiting to be mined.

If you have ideas and would like to contribute to Vol.3, use the Submissions form on this site.

These are exciting and dangerous times in the Dark Territories. We hope this little zine prepares you for the journey ahead.

Order your copy now before they’re all gone.

Keep your powder dry,

-Carl Bussler

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