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Welcome to the jungles… of Kalmatta

Eric and I are making great progress with The Treasure Vaults of Zadabad. Most of the content is written and placed into a play-test document, production tests are successful, maps are mostly done, and illustrations are at least planned. I’ll be working on the illustrations as play-testing gets underway.

Early production test of cover and page count.

I wanted to share some stats of the upcoming hex-crawl, but keep in mind that these will probably change by the time we’re done. I imagine we’ll have more!

  • Keyed Encounters: 16
  • Monster stat blocks: 40
  • Maps: 6
  • Rooms to Explore: 40
  • Square miles/kilometers on the island: Approx. 4,898 miles/ 7,882 kilometers
  • Native tribes: 2
  • Plagues: 1
  • Tombs: 3
  • Shrines to dead gods: 3

I was hoping to start play-tests this week, but I’d like a few more days to read through it, finish the last few encounters, and get the maps imported into Roll20.

If you have any questions about the hex crawl, comment below!