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NTRPGCon – The House of Bats

The Hook

Deep in the swamps of central Mexico lies a sinking temple, built centuries ago by the Maya. Rumors of gold and forbidden knowledge abound, as do legends of tireless and unforgiving guardians.

Whether down on your luck or on the run from the law, you might find a new start (or grisly end) in The House of Bats.

Pre-Generated Characters

You can choose from among these options:

  • Chief Falling Mountain (Fighter)
  • Jessie Rae McCoy (Thief)
  • Sancho Dominguez (Gambler)
  • Dorothy and her little dog Tico (Wizard)
  • “Two-Barrel” Ted (Fighter)
  • Sgt. Barnes (Fighter)
  • Ela Moonfeather (Cleric)


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