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Open wide the doors to adventure!


Adventurers take risks. They journey into unknown territory, risking life, limb, and reputation. They brave the challenges of these strange new worlds to earn fame and fortune, the respect of their peers, and the gratitude of those they serve. These brave mortals gladly exchange blood, sweat and tears for merely a glimpse of their dreams.

And because I have a big imagination, that’s how I envisioned the humble beginnings of Stormlord Publishing.


Fortunately, I won’t be risking life and limb, but starting a new endeavor such as this means stepping outside my comfort zone, being open to criticism, and standing tall when the public gives judgment on my creative work. There will be long hours of writing, drawing maps, working on the website, blogging, and promotion, but it’ll be worth it.

While no micro-publisher thinks that fame and fortune are around the corner, there certainly is a reward for all the hard work. It’s knowing that somewhere there could be a group of friends having a blast playing through an adventure I helped create.

Like the adventurers in my mind, not even the bravest of souls should have to make the delve alone, and I’m glad to have Eric Hoffman at my side. He’s full of great ideas and has a passion for gaming that’s infective. Together we hope to forge adventures that turn into memories at the game table. Quality over quantity will be our mantra, and your enjoyment will be our guiding star.

Currently, we’re writing a jungle island hex crawl, which I believe will have twice the content and play time as The Well of Souls. It could be played as a follow-up to The Well of Souls, but will work equally well as a stand-alone adventure for 1st-level characters. Stay tuned for updates from me and Eric as we make progress.

So, open wide the doors to adventure!

We’ll see you on the other side.

-Carl Bussler