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All products are compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classic Roleplaying Game by Goodman Games.

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  • BPBM Bundle 1-3

    Black Powder, Black Magic Bundle Volumes 1-3

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  • BPBMv1

    Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.1


    This debut issue sets the stage and introduces your players to the Dark Territories. Inside you’ll find everything you need to create your level-0 characters, including occupations, rules for firearms, common names, motivations for heading west, notes on Demon Ore and Hellstones, and a complete funnel adventure: The Devil’s Cauldron.

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  • BPBMv2

    Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.2


    Volume 2 of Black Powder, Black Magic introduces new characters classes; the gambler and the prospector, and notes on playing core classes in the Dark Territories. Also in this issue is the patron John Henry, a new monster called the minewight, magic items, folklore, and more. Advance your level-0 characters, and prepare for some mineshaft mayhem!

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  • BPBMv3

    Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.3


    In this issue we reveal the patron The Red Duke, which was first glimpsed in Volume 1, and you now have access to fumbles unique to the setting. A new class, the Kung Fu Monk, makes a debut, and now you can spellburn with demon ore! There’s a 30-item random table of strange loot, and the first of a series on explosives, starting with black powder.

    This is also the first issue to feature writing from new contributors, Daniel Bishop and Noah Stevens, who gift us the malcupine, Black Tommy, and a new magic item.

    Plus, new artwork from the talented Todd McGowan. Every page is packed with fun!

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  • bpbmv4-300dpi

    Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.4


    Delve into the mysterious and deadly mines beneath Brimstone! This issue contains hexploration rules for exploring the 10 levels beneath the bustling mining town, as well as factions, new monsters, demon shrines, and more!

    Will you stick to the safer levels of The Hive, The Fields of Ruin, and Old Mac’s Ranch, or will you delve the deeper tunnels and passageways of The Cellar, The Chapel, and Precipice?

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  • Product Image

    Brimstone Maps (Digital)


    You get 4 sizes supplied in PDF format. There’s a 24″ x 36″ poster size, and 18″ x 24″ poster size, plus US Letter and A4.

    The A4 and the US Letter come in full-color, and black & white.

    Print them at home, or print them through an online site like VistaPrint.

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  • product-image-BPBM-character-sheet

    Character Sheet – Black Powder, Black Magic


    A black and white US Letter character sheet (front and back) for Dungeon Crawl Classics, in a style befitting the Black Powder, Black Magic setting.

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  • Prayers

    Prayers of the Forgotten


    This supplement contains rules for introducing, using and creating boons, which are minor favors granted by long-forgotten deities. Any class may learn to request and benefit from boons. Also detailed within are 3 dead religions, relics for each religion, and encounters you can drop into any adventure. There’s no such thing as a dead god, only dead followers…

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  • Well of Souls Redux cover

    The Well of Souls


    “From the darkness of the well emanates the haunting moans of the deceased plunderers and defilers who risked everything to learn the secrets below. But you have something they did not: The Tablets of Fate. Through guile and treachery, force and luck, you have jointly acquired these ancient stone tablets, and only with their hieroglyphics dare you hope to circumvent the horrors that lie within the Well of Souls. 

    You and your guide, Farid, stand around a gaping hole in the floor of a mountain cave. A crude pulley and rope system hangs over the hole, and from it dangles a single wooden bucket. Will you brave the depths below in search of fame, fortune and liberation from your downtrodden lives?”

    This is a level 0 adventure, but it can be enjoyed with a party of 1st level characters aided by hirelings. It was designed to play in about 4-hours or less, making it ideal for new players, convention play, or even a one-shot.

    By purchasing the print option, you also get the PDF for free!

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  • ZadabadFeatured

    Treasure Vaults of Zadabad


    NOTE: A new print run is on order. Backorders will be fulfilled as soon as stock comes in.

    Hot wind snaps the black sails of the Soulcatcher as an eager voice calls from the crow’s nest, “Land ho!”

    Ahead lies the island of Kalmatta, your destination, home to plague colonies, marooned pirates, madmen and secrets no mortal mind was meant to uncover. It is also the location of the ruined city of Zadabad and its famed treasure vaults.

    Whether fortunate or ill-fated, you have in your possession the Rod of the Crescent Moon, a relic of dead religions and forgotten kingdoms. It is also the key to unlocking the vaults. But finding the lost city is a challenge many have accepted, but none have survived. Fetid swamps, harsh jungles and unforgiving mountains hide your prize.

    How far will you travel and how much will you risk to uncover the treasure vaults of Zadabad?

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  • Dragonslayer

    Vault of the Dragonslayer


    “To uncover the vault of the legendary dragonslayer Pasha Kalthraga, you must head through the mountains to Feather Falls and Dragonglass Gulch, but beware the beasts that roam those forsaken lands.”

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