Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.3


In this issue we reveal the patron The Red Duke, which was first glimpsed in Volume 1, and you now have access to fumbles unique to the setting. A new class, the Kung Fu Monk, makes a debut, and now you can spellburn with demon ore! There’s a 30-item random table of strange loot, and the first of a series on explosives, starting with black powder.

This is also the first issue to feature writing from new contributors, Daniel Bishop and Noah Stevens, who gift us the malcupine, Black Tommy, and a new magic item.

Plus, new artwork from the talented Todd McGowan. Every page is packed with fun!

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This 36 page issue contains:

  • Fumbles in Black Powder, Black Magic
  • Kung Fu Monk
  • Spellburning with Demon Ore
  • Strange Loot
  • The Red Duke
  • It’s Explosive: Black Powder
  • Varmints! The Malcupine by Daniel Bishop
  • Varmints! Black Tommy by Noah Stevens
  • Magic Item: Indigo Signalman’s Lantern by Noah Stevens


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