Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.4


Delve into the mysterious and deadly mines beneath Brimstone! This issue contains hexploration rules for exploring the 10 levels beneath the bustling mining town, as well as factions, new monsters, demon shrines, and more!

Will you stick to the safer levels of The Hive, The Fields of Ruin, and Old Mac's Ranch, or will you delve the deeper tunnels and passageways of The Cellar, The Chapel, and Precipice?

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This 40 page issue contains:

  • Legend of Brimstone
  • Entering the Mines
  • Level Names and Dweomers
  • Hexploration Rules
  • Hex Generation Tables
  • Mine Hazards
  • Demon Shrines
  • Hex Map and Hexploration Sheets
  • Faction Encounter List, Levels 1-3
  • Equipment Prices
  • Familiars of the Dark Territories by Anne Hunter
  • Varmints!
    • Ore Hound, Pack Goat, and Canary Lizard
    • Old Mac and Clara, his Demon Chicken

You also get an expanded Hexploration Sheet as a separate PDF.




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