Surviving Kalmatta – A Player’s Guide to The Treasure Vaults of Zadabad


“We have traveled seemingly endless oceans, fought ruthless pirates, and survived storms sent by the titans. Now we look upon jungles that hide dangers too numerous to catalog. We are brothers in arms, brothers in blood, and while they journey has been long, nothing before us will sap the conviction needed to gaze upon the Gate to Elsewhere. I cannot promise that we shall all survive to enjoy the riches and wonders locked in the black pyramid of Zadabad, but know you this, those who do shall dine with the gods.” – A speech by Captain Horatio DeMontclaire, as recorded on page 56 of his personal journal.



This free pdf includes:

  1. A player’s map of the island of Kalmatta.
  2. A player’s map of the village of Sindanore.
  3. A random table of adventure hooks to explain why your characters are on the island.
  4. The history of Sindanore, the former plague colony.
  5. Notable people of Sindanore.
  6. Common knowledge and rumors about the mysterious island.
  7. A few pages of graph/note paper.


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