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Pumpkinhead – A monster for DCCRPG


Standing roughly 4-feet tall and topped with a glowing, grinning jack-o-lantern, these animated plants act as guardians and assassins for vile wizards. They can lie in wait and appear as common pumpkins, but can spring forth and use their many vines to overpower and strangle their victims.

Pumpkinhead: Init +2; Atk tentacle +0 melee (1); AC12; HD 2d6; MV 20’ or climb 40’; Act 6d20; SP grasp, possession; SV Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +5; AL C.

For each vine that scores a hit, the character receives 1 point of damage. Then, both the character and pumpkinhead make opposed Strength rolls. For this roll, the pumpkinhead gets 1d6 for each vine that hits. If the character wins, he breaks free of the pumpkinhead’s grasp. If the character loses, the pumpkinhead removes its glowing head and jams it onto the character’s head. The character gains hit points equal to those of the pumpkinhead at the time of possession.

Thereafter, until the pumpkin is destroyed, the character is under the judge’s control and will make life miserable for any remaining player characters. The jack-o-lantern can be destroyed with a successful Precision Shot from a warrior’s mighty deed, or by causing damage to the character equal to whatever hit points the pumpkinhead had before possession.

If a character dies from being struck by the pumpkinhead’s vine, the pumpkinhead with go through with the possession, transferring its life-force to the character. Give the character whatever hit points the pumpkinhead had at the time of possession. If the pumpkin is later destroyed, the character falls dead and a normal roll to recover the body can be made at an appropriate time.

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