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Urhatta, a time-travelling, space-warping, energy-breathing patron

For those who played through The Well of Souls, you may have had the opportunity to learn invoke patron from a djinn named Urhatta. Thanks to Eric Hoffman, you now have her patron info in the .pdf below!

Even if you haven’t played through The Well of Souls, Urhatta can be dropped into any campaign.

“Urhatta is an ancient and powerful djinn who has transcended mortality in several ways. She exists in several dimensions and timelines simultaneously, pursuing her vast and unknowable plans. She is a paragon of law and truth, although not necessarily goodness. She requires scrupulous accounting of promises, requests and wishes from her devotees. In return, she grants blessings of the mind, access to rare knowledge, and even the ability to transcend time and space.”

Urhatta, The Worldwalker  (U.S. Letter)

Urhatta, The Worldwalker  (A4)

We hope you enjoy the first of many freebies. Stay tuned for updates on our next adventure, a hex-crawl on the island of Kalmatta!