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The Snaptrap Jungle Minion

In our upcoming adventure The Treasure Vaults of Zadabad, there will be an opportunity for characters to learn how to create their own jungle minions through various rituals. The kudzu minion, toadstool minion, and orchid minion, which all have different abilities. You might consider them something between hireling and familiar. As a freebie, we’re sharing the snaptrap minion below.

Jungle Minion, Snaptrap

Jungle Minion, Snaptrap:  Init +0, Atk bite melee +1 (1d4); AC 14; HD 1d4+2; MV 20’, Act 1d20; SP spell casting, swarm defense; SV Fort +2; Ref +0, Will +2; AL Special

Created through ancient rituals, jungle minions are completely devoted to their master and acquire the alignment of their creator. They are often created by witch doctors and shamans to guard their villages, temples and shrines. A wizard or elf who acquires the knowledge of these rituals must still invest the time and pay a physical price. A character who already has a familiar may also have a jungle minion, but there will be rivalry between the two.

The snaptrap minion is the only jungle minion capable of speech, and cannot communicate telepathically like the orchid minion. It speaks the primary language of the creator. The snaptrap stands 3’ tall and has a single bulbous, fanged mouth. It can grasp and manipulate only simple objects with its sticky appendages. It prefers to remain in a pot where it pleads with its creator to be fed any small insect or animal, but it can walk about on its roots if necessary.

In combat, the snaptrap minion can bite its opponent, but its greatest feature is that any 1st level spells the creator knows can be cast by the snaptrap minion. Its spellcheck die is 1d20, but it does not gain any bonuses to its roll from the creator’s level, intelligence or otherwise. Acquired corruption affects the minion and cannot be avoided. Patron taint is passed to the creator.

Minion Corruption Table

  1. The snaptrap minion wilts and shrivels. Until given a two gallons of water (or blood), it refuses to cast spells, enter combat or assist the creator.
  2. The minion’s sticky appendages constantly drip a foul-smelling ichor, causing the wizard to suffer a -1 penalty to his Personality score while in its presence.
  3. The minion grows 1d4 additional, smaller fanged mouths which yap incessantly until fed. Anytime the creator is trying to focus, be quiet, engage in meaningful conversation etc., have the creator make a Luck check DC12. If failed, the minion interrupts and wants to be fed. If this result on the table is rolled again, another 1d4 mouths are grown, the minion gains 2 hit points, and the future Luck checks are made with a -1 penalty.
  4. The minion acquires the taste for human and demi-human flesh, and will begin asking for it. If rolled again, it demands this form of sustenance and will take no substitute.
  5. The minion becomes root-bound and refuses to leave its pot.
  6. The minion goes dormant for 1d6 hours and cannot be awakened.

Swarm attacks against the creator or snaptrap minion (insects, rats, bats) have their attack and damage dice reduced by 1. The creator gains a fondness of dining on insects and the flesh of small critters. This may or may not expire with the destruction of the minion.

Snaptrap Minion Ritual Requirements:

  1. A shoot of the giant red snaptrap from the jungles of Kalmatta
  2. 1d6 days to complete the ritual
  3. 1d6 Fort loss, DC 15 INT save for half. Stat loss is recovered after the destruction of the minion.


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